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Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Applied Laser Technologies

Maren Kasischke
Tel.: +49 (0)234 32 23901

CMOT - Investigation and tuning of graphene electrodes for solution-processable metal oxide thin-film transistors in the area of low-cost electronics

Within CMOT project solution based metal oxide thin-film transistors (MOTFTs) with modified graphene electrodes will be tailored and developed for the field of flexible, low-cost electronics. The work-function engineering of the graphene electrode gives the opportunity to develop a completely new complementary technology based on one electrode material and a single semiconductor. Additionally, the reduction of processing temperatures is of vital interest for flexible substrates. Thus, a completely new laser-based technology as well as a laser demonstrator with different beam shapings will be developed. The new technology includes laser reduction of doped graphene oxide, laser conversion of the metal oxide (MO) precursor and laser patterning of the modified graphene and metal oxide. The MOTFTs prepared by the new technology will be compared to high-performance MOTFTs prepared by conventional semiconductor technology in order to evaluate the electrical limits and the market potential.